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Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies in children require fast action, and it is always best to be on the safe side. If you think your child is experiencing a dental emergency, do not wait. Always trust your gut and call an emergency pediatric dentist for help.

Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies

No parent wants to deal with a dental emergency, but no matter how careful you are, it can happen. Get details on the most common emergencies and tips you can follow when these issues occur. Also, be sure to contact AZ Family & Kid’s Dental at the first sign of a problem.

Bitten Lip or Tongue

A children’s dental emergency often consists of a bitten lip or tongue. While most bites are not a cause for concern, children occasionally bite so hard that bleeding occurs. Clean the affected area quickly and then apply a cold compress. Next, call an emergency dentist for kids to determine if you need to bring your child into the office.


Toothaches aren’t just uncomfortable. They can be dangerous, as well. Examine your child’s mouth to see you can determine the source of the pain. Use a cold compress to alleviate the discomfort, and avoid the urge to use heat or topical pain relievers. Call an emergency dentist for kids to make an appointment.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be due to cavities or injuries, so an evaluation is needed. If your child complains of sensitive teeth, contact the dentist for an appointment.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth is often frightening for parents and children alike. Do your best to find the tooth fragment. Have the child rinse with warm water and apply a cold compress. Then, call the dentist to find out how you should proceed.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a significant dental emergency. Pick the tooth up by the crown and wash it with water. Put it in a container with milk and call an emergency pediatric dentist immediately. The tooth might be able to be saved, but quick action is necessary.

Dental Abscess

You might not realize it, but your child can suffer from a dental abscess. This occurs when an infection forms inside of the root of the tooth. Swollen gums and fever are both symptoms of an abscess, and many children complain of a bad taste in their mouths. Fast action is needed to prevent the infection from spreading, so call the pediatric dentist quickly.

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