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What Are Dental Implants?

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What Are Dental Implants? Be in the Know

Despite advances in dental treatment, millions of Americans experience tooth loss, most of which is caused by accident, periodontal disease, or tooth decay. Dentures and bridges have been the main treatment alternatives for missing teeth for many years. Dental implants are now a viable option. In this article, you’ll get to learn what dental implants are and how much they cost.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgically implanted medical devices that restore people's capacity to chew or enhance their look. These are used to support artificial teeth like dentures, bridges, and crowns.

When there is tooth loss as a result of an accident or sickness, an individual may suffer consequences such as accelerated bone loss, impaired speech, or even changes in chewing habits that cause discomfort. The use of dental implants to replace a missing tooth can considerably enhance the patient's health quality of life.

Dental implant frameworks are made up of a dental implant abutment, dental implant body as well as an abutment connection screw. This implant body is then surgically implanted in the jawbone to substitute the tooth's root. Then the abutment fixing screw connects the implant abutment to the dental implant body and penetrates the gums to the mouth offering support to the connected artificial teeth.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Single dental implants often cost between $1,000 to $2,000 for every implant. Some individuals will only require one implant, while others will require numerous since they are missing multiple teeth. It should be noted that this is merely the cost of a set of dental implants only. There are other costs to consider, such as:

  • The crown (the tooth itself), which can be made to order or purchased off the shelf
  • The abutment or adjoining part connecting the crown and the implant
  • The cost of extraction of a tooth and its roots
  • Office visit costs
  • Pre-operative care
  • Post-operative care

These extra fees can vary between $1,500 and $2,800, making the total cost of a single implant to be between $2,500 and $4,800.

How Long Will Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are designed to be long-lasting. This is due to the fact that they immediately interact with the jawbone, becoming connected with neighboring bone tissue via a process referred to as osseointegration. Once osseointegration is achieved, the implant material and surrounding bone fully bond. As a result, the implant can function as a prosthetic tooth root, establishing a strong basis for an artificial tooth.

While the implant is intended to be permanent, the crown that is linked to it might have to be changed due to regular wear and tear. Within 15 to 20 years, 50% to 80% of crowns might need replacement.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental implants are generally not covered by dental insurance. Depending on your insurance plan or the source of tooth loss, coverage within your healthcare plan may be available. Questions concerning your specific needs as well as how they connect to insurance should be explored with your insurance provider and dentist.

The best part is that most dental insurance companies pay a portion of the dental implant expenses. Insurance often does not cater to all expenses, so you'll still need to save some money prior to scheduling your dental implant treatment, but not nearly as much compared to not having insurance.

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Dental implants demand the very same care as natural teeth, such as flossing, brushing, rinsing with an antimicrobial mouthwash, and seeing the dentist on a regular basis.
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