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Children with ADHD and Their Dental Needs: Helpful information for Parents

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Narrow Down Your Dentist Options

With so many dental clinics near you, finding one that caters to your unique needs may seem challenging. Fortunately, there are many ways to narrow down your options.

Alongside checking out the websites of dentists in your area, you can also browse the American Dental Association Directory. Once you’ve found a list of dentists to choose from, you can ask questions relating to their experience and comfort levels working with patients with ADHD and whether any special accommodations can be made.


Ask Questions

The more you know about your child’s upcoming dentist appointment, the more confidence you can have as a parent. Ask questions such as whether there are any brochures that can help you prepare for the appointment and if they can provide distractions such as music, toys, and television.

If there’s something special you have at home to calm your child down, ask if it would be appropriate for you to bring it. Discussing your child’s nerves and anxiety levels before their dentist appointment may also be helpful.


Visit the Clinic

The first time your child visits their dentist doesn’t have to be when they have their check-up or treatment. You may see the value in booking a desensitization appointment that allows your child to meet the staff and familiarize themselves with the environment without having any procedures performed.

When they arrive for their pre-booked appointment for treatment, they will be returning to a place they’ve already been, which may make them feel less anxious and stressed about what comes next.


Promote Dental Care At Home

The more you encourage and promote dental care at home, the more confident and familiar your child may be with their oral health and a dentist’s job. Be gentle but confident with your approach and even consider the use of a toothbrushing schedule to remember morning and evening brushing.

Using positive reinforcement and repeating simple instructions your child can remember may all help to reaffirm the importance of oral care from a young age.



UNCAPPED is a helpful acronym that both caregivers and pediatric dentists can remember to support a child with ADHD during a dental appointment.

  • (U) - Understanding for a child or patient
  • (N) - Nonjudgmental attitude
  • (C) - Calm and relaxed
  • (A) - Attitude: Keep a positive attitude for the patient
  • (P) - Praise: Offer positive praise
  • (P) - Patience: Have patience with the child
  • (E) Empathy
  • (D) Directness

All children can have positive experiences at their dental clinic when the groundwork for success has been laid. Consider this information above, and you may be in an excellent position to enjoy positive dentist appointments in the future.